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Confirmation Bias Heart


Origin:  Norway


Genres:  Progressive Rock


Years Active:  2016- Present


Label:  Still looking





Phone: +47 411 69 956


Tech Rider w/ Stageplot

The birth of Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias is a prog/art rock band from Norway that emerged in the wake of the tribute band Rusj – A Working Man´s Tribute to RUSH, which was formed in 2013. The core of this band wanted to challenge themselves creatively to write and record original material.


Since 2016, we have completed the line-up, written, rehearsed, and recorded new songs. Our first album will release in 2024

The paths of Jon Martin Haarr and Ørjan R. Svensen first crossed back in 1994 when they met by random in a recording studio. Having the same mindset in creative approach, as well as understanding the importance of contents over form, a seed for future collaboration was sown. 


Over the years, Jon Martin and Ørjan teamed up in other band constellations, but the dream of playing self-made music rooted in seventies art rock-tradition mixed with modern progressive rock and metal was apparent, and all it took was to find the right time for it to happen. 


The early prelude to Confirmation Bias was a highly ambitious project that became Rusj - A Working Man’s tribute to Rush. In the summer of 2013 Jon Martin made the call to Ørjan and Kai Gabrielsen (drummer) to form (probably) Norway´s only band paying tribute to the Canadian prog giants. 


From this point, the road from tribute to original material was short, and the early process of writing and recording demos for what was to culminate as Confirmation Bias, commenced back in 2016. The underlying approach was to spend the time it took for the music to emerge, as well as not rushing the process of finding the right fellow members to join the ride.


Having written more than half of the material for the upcoming debut album, contact was established with local keyboard wizard Fredrik Skår, whose contribution has continued developing the unique sound of the band. Well into the studio sessions the stars aligned, and experienced singer, Lars Martin Aasgård was hired in as a "hired gun". We soon found out that Lars Martin was a very good match, and he was offered a permanent role in the band (which he fortunately accepted)., joined the group on a permanent basis.

Late 2023 Eirik Hanssen, who many people know from Magic Pie, agreed to become a permanent member, It is very exciting to have a person in the band who has played on stages with other big names such as Saga, Opeth, Spock's Beard, The Flower Kings to name a few. Of course, it also helps that he is a pleasant and capable fellow ;)


November 10th 2023

In Memory Of... is a powerful and emotionally charged progressive rock song written, recorded and performed by Confirmation Bias.

“In Memory Of” is a poignant and introspective song that pays tribute to a remarkable individual who lived across two centuries. Their life is celebrated as one of integrity and good deeds, leaving behind a legacy to be proud of. This song delves into the depths of their character and the impact they had on a person’s life.

With the blending of high-energy rock and heartfelt lyrics, the song masterfully combines evocative lyrics, dynamic instrumentation, and passionate vocals and is a testament to the band's ability to infuse energy and sentimentality into a deeply emotional narrative.

The song really stands out for its ability to balance emotional depth with musical intensity.


CONFIRMATION BIAS - In Memory Of... (Official Music Video)

CONFIRMATION BIAS - In Memory Of... (Official Music Video)

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Epiphany was our debut single to our upcoming album releasing in 2024. Epiphany is a prog-rock/art-rock song that has been written over the years and can now finally see the light of day.

With major focus on songwriting, arrangement, composition, production and mastering, we want to tell the story of the mind. We follow a story of feeling trapped, mental even, where we take you on a journey of freeing the mind - EPIPHANY

The music video for this song needed to be special. How can we tell our listeners the story of such a complex song?

As AI is something exiting and up and coming, we decided to make something unique only to us. By feeding the lyrics of Epiphany one line at a time into the AI Midjourney, we were able to get the text translated into images.

This was what we were looking for! We could get the audience to see and feel the text and melody right in front of their eyes and ears, it was awsome. We hope you enjoy this first release as much as we do.